Compile a dts file (dt overlay)

Raspberry Pi Asked by FeroxCannibal on January 13, 2021

Hello folks maybe I have misunderstood something but I am not sure how to compile my dt overlay file with the etc command (!) I already know that I have to use the @ parameter .

The effect of merging that overlay with a standard Raspberry Pi base Device Tree (bcm2708-rpi-b-plus.dtb, for example), provided the overlay is loaded afterwards, would be to enable the I2S interface by changing its status to okay.

dtc [email protected] -I dts -O dtb -o 1st.dtbo 1st-overlay.dts

So I have just written an overlay and am using a rpi 3b. The last one is my overlay dts file but what do I choose for the first dtbo file? I tried to look up in the internet how to compile but don’t get a real answer. I think it’s to simple but I can’t get the idea of the dtc command…. Thanks for your help guys!

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Edit: lol looked some dtbo Files Up in a git repository and it seems the compiled files get the dtbo suffix. And my dts file is the cleartext file. Sorry but this wasn’t obvious to me… If this is correct please close the thread.

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As I thought, it seems like -I will stand for the input which is .dts and -O for the output file which is the .dtbo

Answered by FeroxCannibal on January 13, 2021

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