How to replace SD card slot on Raspberry Pi 4?

Raspberry Pi Asked by Karsten Jensen on January 4, 2022

When removing my Raspberry Pi 4 from its case, the SD card snagged and the metal SD card slot broke off at the top. I could push the metal back to connect with the board but the card would not read when I powered the Pi on.

Trying a working SD card with an OS on it results in the message "SD card reader not found" or similar during the boot process.

I now have 3 options as I see it.
One is to try to repair it, which seems to be hard according to what I found on the net.

Second is to buy a replacement reader. I have looked for a spare SD slot but didn’t find the one I think is needed. I have found instruction how to replace a reader but they are all for the original A with the big SD cards.

Third option is to do without the SD card reader at all. I have an SSD with a USB connection that I intend to run Raspian off. But is it possible to boot from USB without an SD card? If it is, this would be the easiest solution.
Anyone able to help out? Thanks

One Answer

The third option (USB boot without SD-Card) for a Raspberry Pi 4B is stable since 2020-06-15. You can try to use it. Look at Why does Raspberry Pi 4 do not support USB boot?.

Answered by Ingo on January 4, 2022

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