Kumantech 3.5" LCD Touch Display, Python Library

Raspberry Pi Asked by benkli on August 20, 2020

I’ve a Kumantech 3,5″ LCD Touch Display in front of me. I’m trying to find a python library to controll the LCD, because i don’t want to use x or just to console. I couldn’t find any. And I couldn’t find any information about the used LCD Controller, to find a lib for this one. So I want to ask you guys, if you have any information about it. 🙂

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You don't have to use X, but you will certainly need a driver which can talk to the display and provide you with a framebuffer device. It seems that you can download a driver form your seller here.

Then you can use the framebuffer to draw on the LCD using fbpy or pygame.

Answered by Dmitry Grigoryev on August 20, 2020

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