Pi 3 with Windows Creators Update not working with Raspberry Pi Official Display

Raspberry Pi Asked by Naufal B on November 30, 2020

I have this Raspberry Pi 3 installed with Windows IoT Creators Update 10.15063 and a 7″ Touchscreen Display.

First, when booting, the Windows logo and loading appears, but then its a blank screen and the Pi boots again. After that blank again.

It was working before Windows update. And if I’m using a Pi connected to another monitor display via HDMI it works.

One Answer

Post updating to 15063.251, I faced similar issue. I connected the HDMI cable to my desktop monitor and it worked. It was taking too long with the two tooth wheels running and configuring. Post all of that it restarted. Then I connected the 7 inch display (it was still blank).

I connected to raspberry via IoT Dashboard in desktop, right clicked on the device and opened the "Open Device Portal". In that browser window, under Devices menu, Microsoft Basic Display Driver, click "Generic Non-PnP Monitor". The Raspberry was connected to internet at that time. It updated the driver for monitor and immediately prompted for restart. However, the driver name still the same but post restart, the 7 inch display works fine.

Answered by Venkat on November 30, 2020

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