pi's password is lost in every reboot

I am newbee at Pi3B.
I installed Jessie at Pi3B board.

Whenever I reboot the board, the pi’s password was changed into unknown value.
So, I delete pi’s password encryption field from /etc/password everytime and reset the password.
Then the password remains until I reboot. This is stupid.
Can anyone tell me what is wrong on the password ?

P.S. I found similar questions in this forum. But, no answers found yet.
I am not using WiFi and my ssh and internet work well after I reset the password.

To change the password for pi, I simply used $passwd command. It seems work well. About the password, user-entered passwod is eventually encrypted and wrote onto the /etc/password file. I tried raspi-config to change pi’s password, but, still the same problem.

Raspberry Pi Asked by Totoro on December 29, 2020

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[This is a workaround]

I'm not sure why, but the "pi" SSH password seems to be invalidated upon reboot. Eventually I gave up trying to figure out why and how and worked around this by creating my own user. With this user I can logon after reboot.

Not using the default "pi" user for SSH login may seem to be not too bad from a security perspective anyway.

Hope this helps.

PS: I added my user to the groups "sudo" to install software and "audio" to get the Pi to play sound.

Answered by Sven Gladines on December 29, 2020

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