Raspberry PI random connection interruptions

Raspberry Pi Asked by Ben on September 22, 2020

i am running a raspberry pi B+ headless and losing network connection irregulary.
I am living with that since a few years, but now want to fix the problem.
What would be a good approach to find out the reason?


  • ssh connection to PI not possible sometimes (today failing nearly constantly, otherwise every few days)
  • Active ssh connection aborted
  • PI cannot get internet data (pinging google fails)


  • Raspberry PI B+
  • WIFI USB Adapter EDIMAX EW 7811Un
  • My own app (digital picture frame) is running on python 3 and QT5.7

My countermeasures so far

  • self implemented software wachdog that checks some connection parameters and reboots if necessary (i would say works in 95% of the cases)
  • Auto PowerOff deactivated for the Wifi adapter by setting rtw_power_mgnt=0 and rtw_enusbss=0 in /etc/modprobe.d/8192cu.conf


  • My WIFI connection at home sometimes gets interrupted as well. But far less often than the connection to the PI fails
  • I know that similar questions have been asked before, but i was not able to adapt them to my specific problem, sorry.

Thanks for any directions


One Answer

A few thoughts :-

  • This post shows a couple of possibilities. MrEngman I gather wrote a helpful installer script for the Edmix range of Wifis. Research a bit more yourself before trying these perhaps.

    1) Remove ifplugd

    apt-get purge ifplugd

    2) Disable any conflicting drivers, read in more detail before doing anything, but e.g.

    blacklist rtl8192cu
    blacklist rtl8xxxu.conf
  • Have you tried updating your raspbian/kernel/firmware? It might help fix the situation.

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt full-upgrade
  • It may be possible that your power supply may be a bit too weak/unreliable to drive the USB wifi.

  • I remember my EDIMAX clone wifi being quite cheap and a pain to setup and use. Buying a different brand may help, though I notice the Pi brand can have this problem too.

  • Treat yourself to a newer Pi with built-in Wifi ;)

Good luck!

Answered by Alex on September 22, 2020

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