Setting WiFi up via the command line Ubuntu server 18.04.4 LTS - Raspberry Pi 4 Wireless connectivity

Raspberry Pi Asked by Gildas.Tambo on January 4, 2022

I have the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and my choice of RAM was the 4GB. i don’t have internet via the gigabit ethernet at the moment, all i have is my smartphone to share internet via a hotspot (wifi).

i have installed Ubuntu Server 64-bit on the Raspberry 4 following the instructions on the ubuntu official webpage by flashing Ubuntu onto a 128GB samsung microSD card.

The installation went good, but now i want to connect the Raspberry to the internet via the command line to fetch some packages and install the desktop.

How can i setup the wifi via the command line on the Raspberry 4B 4GBRAM?

One Answer

To be able to setup Wifi on Raspberry Pi 4 B+ 4GB on Ubuntu server 18 TLS, you first need to get the name of the Wifi card by showing physical components using the following command:

 $ sudo lshw

in my case it was wlan0

Then navigate to /etc/netplan/ using the cd command the hit Enter

$ cd /etc/netplan/

Use the command ls to list the files and directories under the folder then you now have to edit the .yaml file:

$ sudo nano 50-cloud-init.yaml

Finally, add the following lines to the 50-cloud-init file:

            optional: true
                            password: "WIFI-PASSORD"
            dhcp4: yes

NOTE: Make sure not to use tab for space, use the spacebar to create the blank.

Here is the final file code:

            dhcp4: true
            optional: true
    version: 2
                optional: true
                                password: "WIFI-PASSORD"
                dhcp4: yes

Change the SSID-NAME and the WIFI-PASSORD they have to be in quotes. The : after SSID name is required.

Close and save the file using ctrl+x and yes by tipping the letter y

Finally, you need to do some debugs:

$ sudo netplan –debug try 
$ sudo netplan –debug generate 
$ sudo netplan –debug apply 

then reboot the pi

$ sudo reboot

Install Ubuntu desktop with the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

Answered by Gildas.Tambo on January 4, 2022

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