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Need help finding a book. Female OP protagonist, magic

Need help finding a book. A few years ago I read a book featuring a female protagonist where she gets transported to a parallel world and takes place of her...


Science Fiction & Fantasy Asked by 0 x 5 4 4 D on 1 month ago

Why is the WWF pending games ("Your turn") area replaced w/ a column of "Bonus & Reward"gift boxes?

The left portion of the screen usually lists "Your turn" games, and under that "Their turn" ones and recent win/loss history. Suddenly, it's been replaced with a column full of...


Arqade Asked on 2 months ago

Does Google Analytics track 404 page responses as valid page views?

I'm interested to know what counts as a valid page view. I would assume a server status code in the 200 range would be valid. And anything 300, 400, 500...


Webmasters Asked on 3 months ago

Why fry rice before boiling?

Ordinarily when I make fried rice, the general process is:Boil the rice until done.Fry the cooked rice in oil.However, I recently made a different rice recipe which flipped the order:Lightly...


Seasoned Advice Asked on 3 months ago

MouseLook Script "Pops" back to the last value when the script is enabled after being disabled or destroyed

I am trying to get a problem with a MouseLook script that controls my camera and a LookatGameObject script that also controls my camera when I want to force the...


Game Development Asked by cyo on 4 months ago

Unity app crashes when using unmodified custom Android manifest (didn't find class "UnityPlayerActivity")

Note: I find/replaced my actual company name with 'companyname' below for anonymity, it's not the actual package name I am using. I have Unity 2018.4.11f1 LTS and the platform I'm...


Game Development Asked on 4 months ago

How do i draw a ray in unity

So i am trying to scrap together something for vr in which the locomotion is about the player holding the direction where he wants to go to(basically planning what he...


Game Development Asked by Levent on 4 months ago

How to test consistency of responses?

I am analyzing data from several trials where individuals were submitted to different stimuli and a biological response was measured. Some individuals participated in more than one trial where the...


Cross Validated Asked by user4451922 on 4 months ago

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