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What is it called when several bugs cancel each other out?

Is there any name for a situation where two bugs cancel each other out and in the result, the software works as expected? For example, suppose software A calculates a...


Software Quality Assurance & Testing Asked by CoyBit on 1 year ago

My nose is always dry from inside and therefore very irritating. How to keep it moistened?

It is a daily problem. Please guide about what can I do to keep my nose moist from inside most of the time. ...


Lifehacks Asked by Aquarius_Girl on 1 year ago

rsync unexpected remote arg: [email protected]:/path

I'm trying to use this rsync backup script on my server. However, I get the following error (when the script tries to execute the following command:$...


Server Fault Asked by PDiracDelta on 1 year ago

Why no "ethically unobjectionable" alternatives to HEK-293, WI-38, MRC-5, etc?

The cell lines in the title all come from aborted fetuses. This presents an ethical quandary for those opposed to abortion. It seems straightforward to obtain new cell...


Medical Sciences Asked by Lawnmower Man on 1 year ago

My 2005 Honda Civic Sedan is having emissions problems

My 2005 Honda Civic Sedan is having emission light problems, even when they reset it at the garage it still comes back on, here are some of the things I...


Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Asked by Vicky on 1 year ago

Journey Builder - custom activity stops journey saving

i have a very simple custom activity that is designed to pass some values to a API endpoint for execution. the activity simply launches a window with url and request...


Salesforce Asked by Bo Wang on 1 year ago

How do I upload images to a specific folder (Component Backend)

I would like to know how I upload files to a specific folder through Joomla Administrator Panel (My Component Backend). I know how to do it in the site part...


Joomla Asked by Thiago Guimarães on 1 year ago

Genesis block/ledger on stellar-core

I am looking at how to generate the Genesis block/ledger on stellar-core. I have seen people suggest pre-populating the database, what is the easiest option for a newbie to stellar-core....


Stellar Asked by Brian S on 1 year ago

Why is Symbolic AI not so popular as ANN but used by IBM Deep Blue?

Everybody is implementing and using DNN with, for example, TensorFlow or PyTorch. I thought IBM Deep Blue was an ANN-based AI system, however, it says in the following URL that...


Artificial Intelligence Asked by datdinhquoc on 1 year ago

latestSolidSubtangleMilestone: '999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999'

I ran IOTA node on localhost and also got connected to a neighbor, but when I call an api of getnode info it results latestSolidSubtangleMilestone with 99999...and even sending any...


Iota Asked by shreya on 1 year ago

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