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Why was gerund not using in this sentence as parallel balance?

In the following sentence, why the author uses 'stole' and 'stood' instead of 'stealing' and 'standing', since the author use 'seeing' the gerund at the second clause.An elderly seaman came...


English Language & Usage Asked by conan on 1 year ago

Adding Section without Number to Minitoc using mtcaddsection?

I'm trying to get the below code to work, but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.section*{ASTERISK SECTION}mtcaddsection[ASTERISK SECTION]I can get mtcaddchapter[ASTERISK CHAPTER] to add that to the...


TeX - LaTeX Asked by Matt P on 1 year ago

What's the word / way to describe the sound we make when we get irritated?

What's that sound called which we make when we are irritated or disgusted, when we press both our lips together and make a sucking sound, with our teeth closed. It's...


English Language & Usage Asked by Meet on 1 year ago

Kronecker notation of an operator

Suppose I have the state $|Arangle=|xrangle^lotimes |yrangle^l otimes |zrangle^l otimes |0rangle_x^lotimes |0rangle_y^lotimes |0rangle_z^l$. I perform the transformation between the $|xrangle$ register and first $0_x$ register that is...


Quantum Computing Asked by Upstart on 1 year ago

Custom logrotate with hostnames

I have recently set up my central log server on CentOS 8, I had the following template on my main server:$template RemoteMessages, "/var/log/%HOSTNAME%/messages"$template RemoteSecure, "/var/log/%HOSTNAME%/secure"$template RemoteCron, "var/log/%HOSTNAME%/cron"$template RemoteEmerg, "/var/log/%HOSTNAME%/emerg"$template...


Unix & Linux Asked by Gwynn on 1 year ago

Replace the word in this phrase so it becomes a common phrase

During the lecture, I've missheard one word of the sentence below. Somehow, I've got the feeling the missing word should be part of a common phrase that I've already come...


English Language & Usage Asked on 1 year ago

F1 Styrian GP 2020 first lap incident

In the Formula 1 Styrian Grand Prix 2020, Leclerc collided with Vettel during the first lap. Why was Leclerc blamed for this collision in the press?...


Sports Asked by Preordainment on 1 year ago

Python Flask Context - Unable to Create DB

I am quite new to Python-Flask. I am developing an app, where I have created the below "" script.There is another script "" to call "create_app" function and create...


Stack Overflow Asked by Sujeet Padhi on 1 year ago

The circus's Riley-Riddle

I am getting addicted to Riley's riddles:My prefix is one,My infix is cold.My suffix is vehicle,I really am singleHint:...


Puzzling Asked on 1 year ago

REACT vs REACT_PROJECT vs WEBPACK for storybook type?

I'm installing Storybook in my JS+React repo. It said it was unable to detect my project type and asked me to manually choose between several. Among the options were REACT,...


Stack Overflow Asked by temporary_user_name on 1 year ago

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