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Troubleshooting bluetooth

I have a Redmi 5 plus with global MIUI. I use a JBL T500BT for like, 1.5-2h a day with it.I been using it for like a year now....


Android Enthusiasts Asked by Marceloawq on 1 year ago

Is there any word for someone who makes many enemies?

I want to describe a historical person as someone who makes lots of enemies. His name: Alexander Hamilton. I don't want to insult him, just state the facts. Is there...


English Language & Usage Asked on 1 year ago

A problem of Age

Recently I met a women which said: Do you know something funny? If you reverse my own age, the figures represent my husbands age. He is, of course, senior to...


Puzzling Asked on 1 year ago

Non seasonal and seasonal parameters of this time-series

The ACF and PACF of a stationary timeseries "myts" is as given below: > myts ...


Cross Validated Asked by StatsMonkey on 1 year ago

How can I convert existing boolean cells into checkboxes in Google Sheets?

I am using Google Sheets and I would like to convert some boolean columns (already filled with True/False values) into the "new" (launched April 2018) Tick box format.This would...


Web Applications Asked by Davide Fiocco on 1 year ago

Player quit detection

I am trying to detect when a player has quit the server, I have the scoreboard to detect when a player quits:/scoreboard objectives add quit minecraft.custom:minecraft.leave_gameHowever, the rest of...


Arqade Asked by Wiam on 1 year ago

Join two lists by using the first element

I have two lists, which as a simple example can take the form:l1 = {{a1,a2,a3},{b1,b2,b3},{c1,c2,c3}}l2 = {{a1,n1},{c1,n2}}How can I merge them by the first element in the list to...


Mathematica Asked on 1 year ago

Is this considered a passive voice misuse?

"She was sleeping while the boy was tasked to clean up the house." I came up with this sentence, it sounds right for me, but Grammarly keeps telling me that...


English Language & Usage Asked by aghmiyu on 1 year ago

Rivermead Behavioral Memory Test- item 19- Belongings Delayed Recall scoring

OT student here scoring the RBMT and for the Belongings Delayed recall section the manual does not describe a common situation I have encountered: The client requires prompting to recall...


Psychology & Neuroscience Asked by Brianna Wilson on 1 year ago

In the dataflow programming paradigm programs are modeled as directed graphs. Are the edges of the graph variables? And are the vertexes functions?

As I understand it in dataflow programming, programs are structured as directed graphs, an example of which is below Is...


Computer Science Asked by Q.P. on 1 year ago

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