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Python Flask Context - Unable to Create DB

I am quite new to Python-Flask. I am developing an app, where I have created the below "" script.There is another script "" to call "create_app" function and create...


Stack Overflow Asked by Sujeet Padhi on 2 years ago

The circus's Riley-Riddle

I am getting addicted to Riley's riddles:My prefix is one,My infix is cold.My suffix is vehicle,I really am singleHint:...


Puzzling Asked on 2 years ago

REACT vs REACT_PROJECT vs WEBPACK for storybook type?

I'm installing Storybook in my JS+React repo. It said it was unable to detect my project type and asked me to manually choose between several. Among the options were REACT,...


Stack Overflow Asked by temporary_user_name on 2 years ago

Showing more text with JavaScript - Google and SEO aspects

I have a page with several lists. Each list has "Read more" button or link. When clicking the "Read more", additional elements are added to the list (sometimes by just...


Webmasters Asked by porton on 2 years ago

Viewing all jpeg files in folder

I have 7 jpeg files in a folder but only 3 appear in aftershot. Why does this happen and what can I do?...


Photography Asked by George Martin on 2 years ago

Does the existence of soft Goldstone mode makes a topological superfluid unstable?

When people talk about topological order and Majorana fermions in a BCS superfluid, do they admit the existence of a massless Goldstone mode? (As I've heard that soft Goldstone mode...


Physics Asked by Lagrenge on 2 years ago

Is it grammatical to use a comma to separate this phrase 'Accompany somebody to do something'?

Do we always say 'accompany someone to do something'?I think the following sentence is grammatically wrong for using comma, which creates a run-on sentence. But it is from Hans...


English Language & Usage Asked by colan zhong on 2 years ago

Eevee Normal pass: remap negative values

Here's a result of Normal pass in Eevee: Faces with normals in -1..0 range are rendered black. Is it possible...


Blender Asked by Sergey Kritskiy on 2 years ago

Is there a command line tool like `gdalinfo` for vector files?

I use gdalinfo all the time to obtain basic information about raster files. I was wondering if there was a similar tool to obtain information from vector files, such as...


Geographic Information Systems Asked on 2 years ago

Is it possible to switch languages automatically without tags, in Polyglossia?

I want to type text that may contain both Devanagari or Roman script, and I don't want to change language mid sentence every time. Is it possible to merge two...


TeX - LaTeX Asked by Hrishikesh on 2 years ago

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