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How to set the output in a differential amplifier?

Can anyone please tell me if the sensor output is 0 to +-10V, and I connect the sensor to a differential amplifier to get an output of 0 to 3.3V...

Asked on 01/06/2022 by siddiqui_902003

1 answer

The biases in the state vector of Extended Kalman Filter(EKF)

I am reading one paper on observability Observability Analysis of Aided INS with Heterogeneous Features of Points, Lines and Planes. The state vector contains the current IMU...

Asked on 01/06/2022

1 answer

Why to seal a motor shaft, or the whole motor, for underwater ROV?

I just finished a competition for underwater robots. The water is about 40-50cm in depth and 90% of the designs just exposed the thrust motors completely in the water similar...

Asked on 01/06/2022 by roTor-roTor

2 answer

digital servo won't seek to angle if delta between current position and target is more than ~15 degrees

My students and I are using a Hiwonder LD-220MG digital servo to position a "shoulder" on a robot. We are...

Asked on 01/06/2022 by Gever Tulley

1 answer

Robot arm matlab Simulink simulation error

I am doing robotic arm simulation in Matlab Simulink but get the error. How I can resolve this. My model given...

Asked on 01/04/2022

1 answer

Building a stationary robot. ROS the right tool for me?

I'm wondering if ROS is the right system for me. I'm currently involved in a project which consists of building a device that has the purpose to take spectroscopic measurements...

Asked on 01/04/2022 by Frimann Bjornsson

4 answer

Calculating the distance of a point from point cloud data

I'm getting the x,y,z values for three points as follows: x : -0.357200 y: -0.205010 z: 0.940000 x : -0.310266 y: -0.200437 z: 0.961000 x :...

Asked on 01/02/2022 by paul-shuvo

2 answer

Simulator for NEMA17 (stepper motor) and A4988 (stepper motor driver) along with Arduino

I want to simulate an Arduino MEGA (or UNO) controlling a NEMA17 (stepper motor) using A4988 (stepper motor driver). I couldn't find the stepper motor and driver on TinkerCAD. Can...

Asked on 12/28/2021 by GlassAnimals

1 answer

Given this old pin diagram and numbers on this old encoder, what would be a suitable modern encoder to use?

My place of work has recently acquired a Hydraulic Press Break from the 80's. It has a CNC controlled back stop which is driven by a DC motor and Screw...

Asked on 12/24/2021 by Nick Bowyer

1 answer

How to do a relative rotation of a cuboid such that the longest edge is upright?

I am using pybullet. I have a cuboid with half extents [4,2,1] corresponding to x,y,z dimensions. I rotate this cuboid around the z world axis theta and also translate it...

Asked on 12/24/2021

0 answer

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