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ROS sensor implementation

From this page, there are lots of sensors to be used in ros robots. But, I could not install any of them to the robots in...

Asked on 11/28/2021

1 answer

Design optimization method using indices

There are several methods like manipulability and conditioning index for design optimization kinematics performance, but these methods rely on the singular values of the jacobian matrix. I described kinematics by...

Asked on 11/28/2021 by hamedmh

1 answer

Why can't the Controller Spawner find the expected controller_manager ROS interface?

I have a quadruped robot with base link (BL), 4 child links called LFT, LFT, RFT, RFT, T for thigh and each having 4 children with name LFC, LBC, RFC,...

Asked on 11/28/2021 by Shubham Wani

1 answer

Bias correction for multiple sensor fusion through Kalman Filtering

I am learning Kalman Filters and was working on a simple example: Temperature measurement of a room by using 4 thermometers(different biases and noises) if i consider that there is...

Asked on 11/28/2021

1 answer

Why aren't my 4x 612 RPM motors driving with only 12 lb load?

I have purchased x4 612 RPM actobotics motors. Every time I try to drive the motors on ground, the motors stall, as if the torque was too low to drive....

Asked on 10/03/2021

2 answer

State propagation from uncertain control input

Consider a nonlinear system $x(k+1)=f(x(k),u(k))$, where $x(k)inmathbb{R}^{n}$ is the state, $u(k)inmathbb{R}^m$ is the control input. Here $u(k)$ is normally distributed RV with mean $mu_u(k)$ and...

Asked on 10/03/2021 by Astghik Hakobyan

1 answer

Inverse kinematics for 4-DOF Articualted manipluator

I am trying to find out the math formulas for Inverse Kinematics for a 4-DOF articulated manipulator. By Googling I...

Asked on 10/03/2021 by Oualid

2 answer

How to find inertia parameter of payload automatically

I know of several robot manufacturers who can perform automatic inertial measurement for 6 axis robots. Fanuc, for example, moves with axes 5 and 6 each from +180 to -180...

Asked on 10/03/2021 by J_F

1 answer

output velocity equation of compliance control

I am trying to implement a compliance controller for a robot arm and stumbled upon an existing code snippet where the compliance velocity of the endeffector is calculated by: ...

Asked on 10/03/2021 by rrrruo

0 answer

Bearing landmark localization

I am trying to initialize the position of a set of landmarks using only bearing observations. Each robot pose, described by position (x,y) and orientation (theta), observes a small set...

Asked on 10/03/2021 by R.Go

1 answer

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