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How do I call Matlab code into Simulink for doing a simulation for doing plots?

I have built a simulink model for performing cartesian regulation on a unicycle: and plot the results with a Matlab...

Asked on 10/20/2020 by J.D.

1 answer

Library for GPS

Is there any difference between "tinyGPS++.h","tinyGPS.h", and "Adafruit_GPS.h"? Can I use the same code to extract the current GPS location for all these libraries?...

Asked on 09/29/2020 by Muhammed Roshan

1 answer

How can I connect arducopter to Raspberry Pi?

This is my school project. I would like arducopter to connect to Raspberry Pi but I do not know how to do it. Please help me!...

Asked on 09/24/2020 by Recep Orak

1 answer

Arduino turning off when using bipolar stepper motor (L298N Driver)

Sorry, this might be a bit lengthy, but I really need some help (I am aware that there is a question similar to mine that has already been asked ...

Asked on 07/26/2020 by Tushar Bandi

1 answer

Is there a way to generate power using the ocean through a floating device

Question is in the title. I know Is there a renewable way to generate energy from flotation? I'm not talking about like floating solar cells, but is there existing technology...

Asked on 07/21/2020 by figbar

1 answer

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