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Do I have to keep track of what I've heard as a Kenku?

Kenku can only speak using their mimicry trait but that means you have to have heard someone speak a phrase or word in order to speak it. Do I need...

Asked on 08/30/2020 by GumdropWizard

3 answer

How "Official" is the Blood Hunter class?

I saw a question recently about the Blood Hunter class, which confused me because the D&D Beyond page for it is very visually distinct from pages for Homebrew,...

Asked on 08/30/2020 by Kamil Drakari

3 answer

Are there specific rules for pushing enemies into/over difficult terrain?

In previous editions of Dungeons and Dragons there was typically a reasonable assurance of being able to resist/avoid forced movement, or a way to prevent being harshly penalized for it...

Asked on 08/26/2020

2 answer

Which downtime activities cover lifestyle expenses?

I am puzzled by the interaction between Lifestyle and Downtime Activities, particularly as to lifestyle expenses. One of the downtime options presented in the Player's Handbook, p. 187, is Researching,...

Asked on 08/24/2020 by screamline

3 answer

Do 10 second turns/60 second rounds make spellcasters horrible?

My DM insists on the combat being 10 seconds per turn and the round time to be the sum of all turn times (so a minute for 6 participants, for...

Asked on 08/22/2020 by Inquisition

3 answer

Does a cleric's alignment restriction extend to spells learned via multiclassing into an arcane spellcasting class?

A Cleric can only cast spells of the same alignment to his own or his deity’s. However, what happens when a character multiclasses into another spellcasting class?...

Asked on 08/20/2020 by Verdict00

1 answer

When did D&D first move away from instant death?

Early editions of D&D direct that a character dies when reaching 0 hp, that is, instantly.Hit Points and Hit Dice Any creature reduced to 0 hit points (or less) is...

Asked on 07/24/2020 by Amethyst Wizard

1 answer

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