Exclusion script not working for Journey builder send emails

Salesforce Asked by user6366199 on January 6, 2022

I am trying to use an exclusion script to exclude the contacts from the DataExtension marked as root. Refer to the screenshot of the data and DE structure. The two fields I am referring to in the exclusion script are of type Boolean. Below is the code I am using

%%[ RowCount(LookupRows("WebianrDEFinal", "Active","true","Registered","true"))>0 ]%%

WebianrDEFinal is the name of my DE. The exclusion scripts remove all the subscriber and no emails are getting delivered from JB to any contacts, although there are contacts in the DE which do not meets the exclusion script criteria. If I change the code to

%%[ RowCount(LookupRows("WebianrDEFinal", "Active","true","Registered","true"))<0 ]%%

The emails are getting delivered to all the contacts without referring to the exclusion script. Someone could please help me to correct my script.

enter image description here

enter image description here

One Answer

Try adjusting your lookups to use 1 or 0 instead of "true" and "false" strings.

RowCount(LookupRows("WebinarDEFinal", "Active",1,"Registered",1)) > 0

And do not use an AMPScript block (%%[ and ]%%). Those are implied.

EDIT: Looks like you may need to include the subscriber's email address in your exclusion script as well.

RowCount(LookupRows("WebinarDEFinal", "Active",1,"Registered",1, "EmailAddress", emailaddr)) > 0

Answered by Adam Spriggs on January 6, 2022

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