How to access custom fields master table in developer console

Salesforce Asked by Nandy on October 3, 2020

We have integrated salesforce with our internal portal. On opportunity we have a field names Tags and there are certain values in it. When i use select Tags__c from Opportunity, i am getting only api names. How do i get the list of all labels in the Tags field? Is there a way to access the master table of the custom fields.

How to get the api name and label name in a single query?

Thank you in advance for the help

One Answer

If you need to be able to read and write the proper values, you need a describe object call (describeSObject). This is available in SOAP, REST, and the UI-API. For example, you could call /services/v48.0/sobjects/Opportunity/describe to get the describe information.

In any case, you'll get the field and all possible API values, and their respective labels to present to a user. If you just need a translated value directly from a query (read-only access), you can use SOQL's toLabel method:

SELECT toLabel(Tags__c) FROM Opportunity

Correct answer by sfdcfox on October 3, 2020

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