How treat columns with colons in SQL

What is the correct syntax in SQL so that it accepts colons in my column names?

I’m trying to query a Data Extension that was created from a Journey’s Salesforce Data Entry source. Consequently, the column names include colons by default.

Below is an example of a portion of the query. I’ve tried with validating the columns with [], with ”, and without anything at all, but it’s serving me up validation errors – mainly "Errors: Incorrect syntax near ‘Request__c:’."

, request.Request__c:Booker_Contact__r:Email
, 'request.Request__c:Booker_Contact__r:FirstName' 

FROM Request_Adjustment_Master_Homelike adjustment

Salesforce Asked by Greg Beazley on December 30, 2020

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One Answer

I just tested this syntax and it works

Select [Contact:Id], 
from [syntaxtest - 2017-07-14T152814271]

So simply put brackets around any field with a :

Correct answer by EazyE on December 30, 2020

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