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Salesforce Asked on January 6, 2022

I’ve created a lightning-datatable and I’m trying to filter records in the lightning-datatable using a custom search box. However, it displays a pop-up with error which says SORRY TO INTERRUPT -> the page has error when I try to filter the records.

Below is the code I’ve written to filter records in data-table.

            var searchText =;
            console.log('searchText : ' ,searchText);
                    this.dataListTemp  = this.dataListTemp.filter(function (record) {
                        return  ||
                               record.title.includes(searchText) ||
                    console.log('Error : ' ,error);

dataListTemp is assigned to the data attribute of lightning-datatable and handleSearch is called onchange of text in search box.

I used try-catch just to figure out what’s causing this error but catch isn’t called at all.

What is the issue here?

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