Username/password authentication curl attempt failture

I’m trying to get an access token using following curl:

 curl --data grant_type=password&client_id=Y&client_secret=Z&username=A&password=B+C

where Y = Consumer Key, Z = secret, A = username and B = password and C = security token.

I get the following error:

{"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"authentication failure"}

I followed the instructions at If anyone can tell me what I’ve done wrong, it would be brilliant. I’ve no clue why im getting this error.

Salesforce Asked on December 26, 2020

1 Answers

One Answer

This could be related to the login issue salesforce reported as fixed, however at least on the instance I'm on this issue is still ongoing for logins through the API.

From the report on, that you can find below, using the instance url https://<yourinstance> instead of should fix the problem.

Salesforce login error issue
May 17th 2017, 8:42 am

On May 17, 2017, The Salesforce Technology Team mitigated an intermittent login issue affecting a subset of customers. The issue began at 03:45 UTC and was resolved as of 05:47 UTC. Some customers may have experienced an intermittent error when attempting to login to or instead of directly to their instance. Thank you for your continued business and patience during this situation.

Answered by Markus Slabina on December 26, 2020

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