When and If, Does the 'version' in ContentVersion Change?

Salesforce Asked by Carl-Johan Beurling on September 2, 2020

I’m using the lightning-file-upload component to upload files (wow).

My question is: is it safe to add a custom lookup relationship on the ContentVersion object?

I guess I don’t really understand the ‘version’ part of the name. Since we have to use isLatest = true when we query, does that mean the contentVersion changes on its own and therefore the custom relationship isn’t reliable, in the way, that a new version would be created and that record wouldn’t have the correct relationship?

One Answer

It's safe to put a Lookup field on the ContentVersion object, as the Lookup value will automatically be set on a new version from the previous version

If the Lookup value is changed on the latest version, it will only affect the latest version

Answered by Instread on September 2, 2020

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