Where can I view Contact opportunity role object?

Salesforce Asked by Sales Driver on December 6, 2020

Can any one tell me where can I view the list of Opportunity Contact Role object in a separate tab just as we see separate tabs for contacts, Leads, Opportunities ?

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opportunityContactRole is a junction object between Opportunity and Contact. It can only be customized through the picklist for Role

You view the OCR through either a related list on the Opportunity page layout and/or the Contact page layout. If not appearing, then customize the page layout to add it.

Correct answer by cropredy on December 6, 2020

You can view it by:

Answered by HoangYell on December 6, 2020

Contact Roles on the Opportunity can be edited by going to Customize / Opportunities / Contact Roles on Opportunities.

You can't display contact roles on a tab unless you're using a custom object.

Here's a blog post that gives more information on contact roles and examples of the type of picklist values used by other companies.

Answered by Gary Smith on December 6, 2020

It's not a tab object, it's seen by salesforce as more of a subservient, opportunity-specific object, so no separate tab was deemed necessary. What purpose are you trying to fill? Could a report solve your issue?

Answered by Nathan Williams on December 6, 2020

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