Anime where the school boy hero is good with puzzles, can fly with an item he collects

Science Fiction & Fantasy Asked by manivenkat on October 14, 2020

I remember watching a anime in which the hero school boy is good with puzzles,and they collect some lockets, or something, he can fly when he attaches one thing he collected, they collect with different levels of attack,defense specs.

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Phi Brain: Puzzle of God is a decent superficial match for "good with puzzles," but I'm not certain that he can fly.

No one loves puzzles more than Kaito Diamon, and when it comes to solving them, he's the best there is. But when a labyrinth underneath his school leads him to an mysterious armband that can unlock his brain's full potential, he is put on the Puzzle Of God organization's radar as one of the children of Phi-Brain. Now he must push his mind to the limit as the P.O.G. challenges him relentlessly to their deadly puzzles. With a plethora of dangerous, laughable, creative, or down-right demented puzzles being thrown at him, will Kaito have what it takes to solve his way to victory or will he fall against the puzzles he adores so much?


Answered by FuzzyBoots on October 14, 2020

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