Does Squirrel Girl have maxed power stats on the Marvel Wiki?

Science Fiction & Fantasy Asked on January 2, 2022

According to this answer on the question: “How did Squirrel Girl defeat Dr Doom?“, all of Squirrel Girls power stats are “maxed” out.

According to the answer, I am supposed to be able to check Squirrel Girl’s entry on the official Marvel wiki and be able to see her power stats there.

However I’m unable to see any maxed stats in her entry on the page.

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The layout has changed so I thought I would reply with a modern answer.

You just have to go to her "in comics full report" and scroll all the way to the very bottom. She scores a near-unbelievable all 7's!

Squirrel Girl's in-comics stats (All 7's)

Answered by defacid on January 2, 2022

Per the Official Marvel Handbook (2005 - Avengers edition), her real stats are as follows. All are well within the "normal" range for an enhanced human, (which incidentally fits in with what we see her doing in her comics).

enter image description here

Intelligence - Human normal
Strength - Superhuman (lift 800 lbs-25 ton range)
Speed - Superhuman (peak range: 700 MPH)
Durability: Enhanced
Energy Projection: None
Fighting Skills: Experienced fighter

Her stats in the more recent Official Marvel Handbook A-Z (2008) have identical stats for her as well as a blurb that describes her as a 'surprisingly fierce and formidable unarmed opponent' but by no means possessed of god-like abilities.

enter image description here

As an example, if her stats were actually "maxed out" this fight would have ended within nano-seconds, assuming he could even perceive her within his limited plane of existence.

Answered by Valorum on January 2, 2022


At the bottom of her page named "in comics full report" you can see her power stats showing a full set of stats.

Squirrel Girl power stats showing all 7s

Comparing this with Thanos' stats shows that she's even got higher average stats than he does!

Thanos' power stats showing lower stats. Durability - 6, Energy - 6, Fighting Skills - 4, Intelligence - 6, Speed - 7, Strength - 7

Another example of someone with full stats is Eternity:

Eternity's power stats showing full stats


As mentioned by Valorum in the comments, it is possible this is a joke in part from marvel about a superhero with Squirrel powers being one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy. While this isn't necessarily clear from the entry, it is a possibility given the Official Handbook on the Marvel Universe has differing power levels for the character.

Answered by Edlothiad on January 2, 2022

Look at the Power Grid at the top right of the page. All stats are at 7 out of 7.

enter image description here

Answered by Mike Scott on January 2, 2022

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