Equivalent of Firebase with PostGreSQL?

Is there a equivalent/similar product of Google’s Firebase but using PostGreSQL instead of no-SQL of Firebase ?

Firebase is a really great product where I don’t have to think about :

  • distributing data around the world
  • I don’t care about load and storage, it is serverless / pay-by-requests and pay-by-gb
  • make saves / rollbacks just by clicking on a button
  • good analytics / graphs
  • really good free tier
  • real time sync (this might be harder with a SQL db)
  • crash reports included
  • launch functions that will modify the database

To store pictures or documents, I could still use Firebase. But it would be great to have it in the firebase’s SQL alternative.

It would be very great to have most of these points.
Bonus if it is a european companie. Cloud act 🙁

Thank you
Stay safe

Server Fault Asked by Dimitri L on December 31, 2020

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