HAproxy - Load Balancer working with frontend IP but not with hostname

Server Fault Asked by Ze Beto on December 23, 2020

We have Haproxy installed in a CentOS VM.
I need to load balance access to 3 IIS servers using SSL.
The VIP was created on keepalived.conf and the SSL certificate is being issued.

If I go to HAproxy stats page everything is green and I can see the traffic.
DNS was set up.
However, I am only being forwarded to the IIS page when using the ip address of the frontend load balancer.
If I try to use the hostname I am getting a 403 forbidden access error message in the browser.

403 forbidden error

My Haproxy config file shows the following.

listen services
    bind ssl crt /etc/haproxy/certs/ 
    mode http
    maxconn 2000
    balance leastconn
    option redispatch
    server iisl004 check
    server iisl005 check

I can I be forwarded using the hostname instead of the IP address?
Is the error coming from the IIS server?

If I type in the browser it is working fine.

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