HP DL380p G8 Populating the RAM

Server Fault Asked by Khizer Hussain on December 24, 2020

I bought a DL380p with 168GB, was working fine until it came up with a DIMM error on the front panel. I wrongly thought I could just move the ram to a different slot. Now I can only get it working with a maximum of 112GB of ram.

Tried using the HP ram configurator tool but that doesn’t have the ram mix that I have. The ram I have is:

16 GB 647653-081 x4
8GB 647650-071 x12
4GB 647647-071 x2

It’s all HP ram and has been working fine for the last 9 months with no issues, I don’t have an ILO licence so can’t check there.

Any help in getting this working is much appreciated.

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