With Glassfish, how to resolve https URL to http URL

Server Fault Asked by tale852150 on November 29, 2020

GlassFish 3.0.1 RHEL 6.5 MySQL 5.4

Hello all

I have a web app running under GlassFish/RHEL/MySQL where all of the software tiers (GlassFish/RHEL/MySQL) are on the same system. I have a (separate) DNS server which maps to I can resolve the server name with nslookup successfully so DNS is working. I can access the web app internally by using

However, I want to use SSL and I want to access my app (internally) via

How does one do this using GlassFish? In other words, how does one “map” and redirect/resolve it to

Many thanks …

One Answer

You can add a https listener to glassfish either by using the admin console or by editing the domain.xml.

If you afterwards disable the http listener you can only access by https.

A redirect or proxy is not needed.

Please note that you can use port 443 (the default port for https) only if you run glassfish as root.

Answered by Uwe Plonus on November 29, 2020

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