A document library with custom content type displays the different icon while creating new document

I have created a document library declaratively with document based content type. But when I click on new document the icon is displayed of item instead of word.

Below is the example:

enter image description here

List tempalte is:


<!-- Parent ContentType: Document (0x0101) -->
<ContentType ID="0x0101001EF0C163152340AE96F20234E13DC89B"
           Inherits="TRUE" Version="0">
  <FieldRef ID="{44802E47-FE3F-4AB2-92BB-523A99E24B1D}" Name="DocTYpe"/>
  <FieldRef ID="{41F5A41B-BCC9-45B0-9CA5-48BB023713B8}" Name="Approver1"/>
  <FieldRef ID="{374F0F87-AFEB-4E88-A039-A3CADD24A5B1}" Name="Approver2"/>
  <FieldRef ID="{5DD956B5-65DD-4861-811F-42BE0C07B118}" Name="Author"/>
  <FieldRef ID="{257F1CC5-0DF4-420A-ACF1-8511FCD5240C}" Name="Chapter"/>
  <FieldRef ID="{2631BE05-A16D-4E41-948B-73F42D536705}" Name="ChapterNumber"/>
  <FieldRef ID="{7B08A524-E877-43C9-B8D5-A8143993B3B1}" Name="oiplbQmsDocumentSubject"/>

What should I do to dispaly the Word icon?

SharePoint Asked by users1100 on January 1, 2021

1 Answers

One Answer

I think you have to deploy a document template with your contenttype

 <Folder TargetName="Forms/Docs" />
 <DocumentTemplate TargetName="DocumentTemplate.docx" />

The DocumentTemplate.docx can you deploy with a module.

You can also specify a documenttemplate manually. Open your contenttype > Advanced settings > Add your document template

Answered by Remko on January 1, 2021

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