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SharePoint Asked on December 25, 2020

I’ve got a list where a particular user group should be able to add items only to this list, but not edit them.

However, these users cannot ATTACH a document to the item they are adding because « edit permission » is disabled.

If I add the “edit items” permission to this group, they are able to attach a document, but then they are able to edit information they shouldn’t have access to edit. I search solution who users can add items and attach files without using « edit permission ».

Can you help me to solve this problem?

One Answer

You can create a new editform.aspx in which you disable each field that can't be modified using css and js scripts.

If some other users can modify the items, then you can make a script depending on the sharePoint group.

This blog post may help you :

Answered by S61ze on December 25, 2020

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