Change the master template for calendar pages

SharePoint Asked by klewis on December 19, 2020

Within SharePoint 2013, I don’t want my Calendar view at


To use the same master page as the SharePoint administrative master template.

I want to give that calendar page either its own master page or its own page layout. What is the best way from the browser to do that?

One Answer

From the browser, I don't think you can, but you can open this page in SharePoint Designer and make it point to your master page.

Updated Answer

Open SharePoint Designer on the site that contains your calendar. From the left pane click Lists and Libraries then choose your Calendar. Then under Views double click beside the link Calendar to open the page itself. Once you open Calendar.aspx Click Advanced Mode from the ribbon. Then search for the attribute: MasterPageFile and change its value to "~masterurl/custom.master"

Answered by user19105 on December 19, 2020

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