Display FAQ list items in a nice way in a modern site

I have problems displaying FAQ list items that I have migrated from on-premise to a modern SharePoint Online site. The FAQ list is a special list content type, but I just want to display the question and the answer. On on-premise I used newsletter style in some places and in some other places I rolled up the items with content search based on metadata and in some places i displayed the Question in a list view and the user had to click to see the answer.

  • In the modern environment newsletter style is not working. Datasheet view is not working either.
  • If I make a list view displaying the question and the answer it will look really ugly with two columns, and the answer column get truncated (unreadable). Most users will not figure out how to read the whole answer.
  • If I group the FAQ item by Question, it will look slightly better, but the answer field is still truncated.
  • I have found out that since the answer column contains rich text I cannot use json formatting, to fix my own newsletter style. And I cannot make the entire answer column display with json. Enchanced rich text is listed as unsupported, but ‘plain’ rich text does not work either with json formatting.
  • If I create a view displaying just the questions, having the user to click the item to see the answer, this results in the item being displaying in an edit (details) mode to the right. This does not give a good usability impression either. Can I make it open as a page (just as in on-premise)?
  • Also, I cannot seem to display either list items or use my list content type with Highlighted contents webpart.

Is there any way I can display questions and answers in a way that looks OK from a user perspective, without resorting to migrating my FAQ items to pages?

SharePoint Asked by Gunilla on December 21, 2020

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