Does using a Lookup column require a manual selection to initiate?

SharePoint Asked on December 6, 2021

My users manually enter an alphanumeric value for each record in List A. I want that value to match up with the same value in List B so that another column in List B shows up in List A.

At first, I was thinking of using a Lookup column for this but if I’m not mistaken, this would require a user to choose a "connecting" value from a list first.

Selecting a value from an ever-growing list of values is not practical (right now I have 1,000), which is why I’m looking for a method that will do this match automatically.

So, can this be done without selecting a value from a Lookup column to initiate this connection?

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Lookup columns do require manual selection to fill in the values and build a connection between lists.

You can also automatic this process using SharePoint Designer 2013 workflow.

Here is an example:

enter image description here

Please note that we cannot update the lookup column using a normal column since it will cause format conflict error. The column I use in the test is the ID column of the source list.

Answered by Chelsea_MSFT on December 6, 2021

We can "join" two lists using SharePoint designer. Please have a look here:

Answered by SOURAV MUKHERJEE on December 6, 2021

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