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SharePoint Asked by Hippyjim on February 15, 2021

I am moving some of our organisations intranet to "Modern" sites on MS hosted Sharepoint.

As Sharepoint doesn’t allow HTML editing, I’ve made a few pages on my website that users can embed, to pick up dynamic information etc that Sharepoint will not have.

The content varies in height, so it’s impossible to get an iframe that fits without causing scroll issues.

Also my users are not web developers, so rather than teaching all my users how to use iFrames, I wanted to use the "embed with a URL" feature.

I do not want to use iframes.

How do I set up my website (not the SharePoint website, mine!) to allow Sharepoint to pick up the correct information to embed automatically? Is there a protocol somewhere I need to apply on my webpage? Some meta tags? it is oEmbed? Similar?

I want my users to copy a URL from my website written in a different platform not SharePoint, by me, and paste it into a SharePoint embed web part and have it embed without the user typing iframe code.

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Having asked elsewhere, someone suggested I look at the tags on YouTube to see if anything there gave a clue how they handle embeds.

There's an oEmbed tag, which lead me to investigate how to be an oEmbed provider.

It seems you have to add a tag to your pages, which gives a link to an oEmbed endpoint, that returns JSON info about how to embed the page.

Correct answer by Hippyjim on February 15, 2021

In modern page, you can try to use the embed web part to insert iFrames.

Examples and instructions:

Answered by Jerry_MSFT on February 15, 2021

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