Extract Excel file names into Sharepoint List

SharePoint Asked by Madeline on February 13, 2021

I have SharePoint online 2013 and workflow 2010.

I have a list of excel files that I’d like to extract the names into SharePoint List.

Is it possible?

One Answer

SharePoint 2010 workflows have been retired since August 1, 2020 for new tenants and removed from existing tenants on November 1, 2020. It is recommended that you use MS Flow (Power Automate).

Please follow steps:

  1. Upload Excel files to SharePoint Documents Library

enter image description here

  1. Create a List named "Excel List" to store Excel file Title

  2. Go back SharePoint Documents Library, click ▪▪▪ >> Automate >> Power Autonate >> to create a flow

enter image description here

  1. Workflow Steps:
  • Add the "When an item is created or modified" Trigger
  • Add the "Get files (properties only)" Action
  • Add a Condition: [Get files (properties only)] Title contains xlsx
  • on the "If yes" branch, add the "Create item" Action

enter image description here

  1. Save and Test this flow. And go to the "Excel List" page, you will view page screen as shown in the figure below:

enter image description here

Answered by EchoDu_MSFT on February 13, 2021

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