Having trouble bulk editing link titles in SharePoint list

SharePoint Asked by rizingfenix on December 23, 2020

I want to bulk edit the "display this text" field for a column of hyperlinks in Sharepoint Online and 2013. Even better, I’d like for it to default to a word so that the user only has to enter the link (this is secondary to my inquiry here, so if too complex, no worries).

For the online version, I’ve tried selecting multiple list items and choosing "info" icon in the upper right of the page to "bulk edit properties". But "Alternative text" shows and not the main field.

Can this be done?

One Answer

In the SharePoint 2013, when you edit hyperlinks column, it shows as display text. enter image description here

In the SharePoint Online, when you edit hyperlinks column, it shows as Alternative text. enter image description here

These two mean the same.

Answered by Emily Du - MSFT on December 23, 2020

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