How can I move a Site Page to a sub-folder?

SharePoint Asked on December 10, 2021

In our Office 365 SharePoint, (annoyingly) I can only add pages from "New" menu on the site home page.

When I add pages, they end up in the top level of the Pages area. I’d like to be able to move them to sub-folders to structure them, but when I select a page there is only the "Copy to" option (see image).

Does anyone know if there is configuration I’m missing to enable moves or anything I can add in to enable this?

A workaround is to use "Copy To" and then delete pages in the root but I don’t want users to have to do this.



enter image description here

2 Answers

If you don't see a option of "Move To" you can simply Automate this stuff using PowerAutomate (refer image below). this Flow can be executed from the context menu ([3 dots] ...) you see in Site Pages

NOTE The below flow moves 1 file at a time only

enter image description here

Answered by Akshay Randive on December 10, 2021

Amending this path “/_layouts/15/sitemanager.aspx” at the end site collection URL.

Then you can move site pages:

enter image description here

Answered by Lisa Chen MSFT on December 10, 2021

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