Migrate announcement items to modern news posts

I have a lot of classic announcement items in SharePoint on premise that I would like to migrate to modern news posts in SharePoint Online.

I have found descriptions of how to modernise classic pages automatically (, but these announcement list items seem to be something else than classic pages. I also have other list item types that now need to become modern pages, like FAQ items.

Does anyone know about a way to migrate classic list items to modern pages automatically?

I have access to ShareGate, so I can use that tool to fix the metadata, such as dates, authors, promoted state etc later. Often it is possible to map to another content type in ShareGate, but unfortunately I have not found any way mapping of a list item to a modern page in ShareGate either.

SharePoint Asked on December 30, 2020

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There is no such method to migrate classic items to modern list using Microsoft migration tool, we could only migrate the announcement list to modern site.

For the ShareGate tool, I suggest you seek support in its official page.

Answered by Julie_MSFT on December 30, 2020

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