Office Web App not working for excel alone

SharePoint Asked on February 13, 2021

In our SP2016 on-prem environment, we have 4 web applications.In all webapplications, Office web app is not working for excel files alone, word/ppt files open fine with OWA. UAT and Prodution share the same OWA server and this behaviour is the same in UAT and production. How to troubleshoot or fix this issue?

Below is the error message:

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One Answer

Office Web Apps 2013 is unsupported with SharePoint 2016. You must deploy Office Online Server instead. Not much we can help you with here as OWA won't work due to missing the ECS features introduced into OOS (ECS was removed in SharePoint 2016 and expects those features from OOS).

Answered by Trevor Seward on February 13, 2021

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