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SharePoint Asked by Roxette on July 30, 2020

is it possible to copy list workflow developed in Sharepoint designer 2013 from one site collection to another. I have to build on another site collection similar form library and it has the same worklow as one I developed earlier.

Is there a way to export to visio.. I have seen in posts that it can be done. But in my sharepoint designer that option is disabled (export to Visio is grayed out), and import option is enabled. I don’t understand why?


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It is advisable to create a reusable workflow from designer, if you want to move to another site. Move/migrate a list and designer workflow to SharePoint 2013:

Steps To Copy SharePoint Designer Workflow From One Site Collection To Another Site Collection:

Answered by Mike on July 30, 2020

You can copy a list workflow, but it is a bit of a hack.

This guide is for designer 2010, but it also works in designer 2013.

Google Cache Version

Answered by OneOfThePetes on July 30, 2020

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