Sharepoint list field description not picked up in InfoPath form

SharePoint Asked by Nick Atkinson on December 14, 2021

I am trying to ensure that my form (which is based on a sharepoint list) contains some useful hints for the users who will fill in the data in the form. To achieve this, I have created some field descriptions in the sharepoint list. What I was hoping was that when I then create the form in InfoPath, those descriptions would appear alongside the field names in the form. They don’t. I have extensively searched the web and haven’t been able to find a solution. I should qualify this by mentioning that due to the way our IT department works, I am not allowed access to SharePoint Designer nor would I be permitted to go in and edit the code (even if I knew how).

Hope someone can help.

Kind regards

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I am assuming you are entering the field description of a list entering into a different list and trying to show them on Infopath form.

If I am right for that you can follow below steps to achieve.

  • Go to your form list settings.
  • Click on fields you want little note and in the field settings page, you will have description field which can be used to shown on a screen.
  • This you can repeat for all fields you want.
  • From the IE browser you can go to the List settings on the Ribbon.
  • You click on "InfoPath Form" to create.
  • It will show all fields and with description will be shown. You can get the notes as shown on the screen. enter image description here

Answered by Venkat Konjeti on December 14, 2021

SharePoint designer will not assist you with this. In order to have the descriptions or screen tips you need to edit each box.

enter image description here

The screen tip allows you to hover over the box to view the tip or you can use a placeholder that is greyed out to add a tip which is under the data tab within the textbox properties

Answered by Flat Banana on December 14, 2021

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