Use a workflow to create a NEW SharePoint list

SharePoint Asked by plouie21 on September 19, 2020

I am trying to build a workflow that creates a new list for me. Based on certain conditions on the original list, the workflow should build me a new list, which will have text, number, and lookup columns.

After doing some research, I found that you may be able to use the HTTP Web Service (or called "Call Web Service") in SharePoint Designer to create the list. However, I am not sure if this web service is feasible or would allow me to create the new list.

On a side note: we do not use any third party applications like Nintex or MS Flow, so completing this task can only be done within the confines of SharePoint 2013. Any help is appreciated!

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You can use the Call HTTP Web Service to utilise SharePoint's REST API. This means you can use the REST API to create a list in SharePoint.

Edit: Some additional information regarding list templates and an article that may be of help

The REST API allows you to create a lists based on out of the box templates e.g. Calendar, Tasks etc. You will need to set the BaseTemplate in your request to the template ID, a list of template IDs can be found here:

The article below discusses how to create a list from a SharePoint workflow using the Call HTTP Web Service action in more depth:

Answered by Callum Crowley on September 19, 2020

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