Is the phase difference between recorded sounds from left and right ear the same as the phase difference between their HRTF?

Pardon my ignorance if my question is silly. Lets say I did a binaural recording and found the phase difference between right and left channel. If the recording was done in anechoic chamber, where there is no reverberation, can I say that this phase difference is same as the phase difference between their HRTFs which they were filtered by (on their way from speaker to my ear)?

Signal Processing Asked by Atra Es on January 1, 2021

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Consider a signal with a particular frequency at phase $alpha$. Passing this through the two filter paths changes the phase of the frequency to $alpha + L$ and $alpha + R,$ where $L$ and $R$ are the values of the phase frequency responses of the two HRTF filters at the particular frequency. Yes, the phase difference $(alpha + R) - (alpha + L)$ is equal to $R - L,$ which you call more simply the "phase difference" between the HRTF's.

Answered by Olli Niemitalo on January 1, 2021

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