How to get the exact match or sub string of the passed query in solr

Sitecore Asked by Meenu on August 23, 2021

I’d like to query a string to Solr and let it answer with all records which are a subset of that string.

The string is separated by comma. I wanna make solr to give me all records where a specific string field is a subset of the string provide as the request .


Imagine I have an string field indexed in Solr which is a set of string separated by comma. For example, let’s say I have the following record’s field indexed in Solr:









I wanna Solr to receive a query with, for example, "AAA, AAD" and reply with the following records:




If I query by "AAA, AAB, AAC" the retrieved records would be…





The retrieved records must be exactly a subset of the string provided

Is it possible to make Solr behave like this?

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