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Sitecore 9.2 Federated Authentication is not redirecting to https in CM

We had configured the Federated authentication for our CM instance. In the AllowedCorsOriginsGroup we gave two url as https://scdev9.local and http://scdev9.local After authenticating with external provider, the site is...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by PVM

0 answer

Sitecore 9.3 Visual Studio setup help - errors on deploy

I've started trying to follow the Sitecore Platform Essentials for Developer eLearning which is going fine, but when I deploy the project, the site just breaks on start with an...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by ilgiallomondadori

1 answer

XDB Disabled - Still getting tracking error in the logs

I have xdb disabled: xdb.Enabled = falsexdb.Tracking.Enabled = false Im still getting xdb related errors in the logs. Should this all be disabled (Sitecore 9.3):7932 11:45:08 ERROR One...

Asked on 08/23/2021

1 answer

How to get URLS added in the Rich Text field and Link Manager Fields?

I want to redirect my urls added in the Rich Text Editor,General Links to custom urls on page load. To get the URLS which exist in the General Link field...

Asked on 08/23/2021

1 answer

Add a Buyer Role to a User programatically

Imagine i have "MyDomainBuyer" role in Role Manager, i want to get that role from role manager and add that role to a user programmatically using c#. can any one...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by Shrad

0 answer

How to allow only 1 role to have read access to an item?

I want specific website users to have access to the "Secret" pages of the website. I have created a new role in the Extranet domain i.e. Extranet/SecretPageRole. Now, how do...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by Shaurya

2 answer

How to do facet on Associate Categories of a Product in Sitecore Commerce 9.3

There is a Brand Facet for Products in sitecore commerce 9.3, likewise is it possible to have a facet on Categories associated with a Product. By default categories are not...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by Jinu

1 answer

Extend /sitecore/api/ssc/EXM/Message with additional data

I want to extend /sitecore/api/ssc/EXM/Message endpoint with additional data. I added a new classnamespace Exm.Extended{ [ServicesController("EXM.Message")] public class MessageController : Sitecore.EmailCampaign.Server.Controllers.Message.MessageController ...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by Mkress

1 answer

Sitecore doesn't add the indexed field with Traditional Chinese & Simplified Chinese postfix on the Azure custom index

I am doing a POC in Sitecore.Net 9.2 vanilla setup for enabling the Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese in the CMS and looking for how can I perform the...

Asked on 08/23/2021 by Kuldeep Sharma

1 answer

Powershell script for fetching checklist field value

I would like to get checklist field value display name instead of raw values and would like to update its value based on display name.For example I have checklist...

Asked on 08/23/2021

1 answer

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