Seeking suggestion on managing global product catalog with single site in SXC-9.0.1

Sitecore Asked by Jyoti on December 13, 2021

We are implementing a global product catalog to support different catalogs with different currencies and prices. We currently have a single site globally. The true source for catalog is SAP ERP system, and we want to get all catalog info (with different currencies, prices, etc) using minion and store it on Sitecore commerce.

As I am aware of SXC a site will support a single catalog. Since we have to store country/salesorg specific products, what would be your recommendation approach/structure of the catalog to be maintained in this case?

If we store everything into one catalog, it would be a time-consuming process to filter the products based on geolocation!

One Answer

We implemented similar solution with 5 catalogs living in the same site, sharing most of the products with the possibility to have exclusive products. This is what we did: -From GeoIP resolve Language -In Sitecore create a versionde catalog configuration that will map language to appropriate catalog.

Hope that helps.

Answered by Yassine Alahyane on December 13, 2021

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