unicorn deployment failure - can't sync when deployed to real environments

Sitecore Asked by Baxter Lane on November 2, 2020

I am sure I am missing something simple about using Unicorn in environments above the local dev environments

the source folder is correct out of Azure Paas, out on my App Service

I am in Sitecore 9.3.0

and Unicorn 4.1.1

The source folder is set to the real folder the src was deployed to…

<sc.variable name="sourceFolder" value="D:homesitewwwrootApp_DataSerializationsrc" patch:source="Foundation.Serialization.config"/>

But the unicorn control panel claims I need to do an initial serialization, that it cannot sync

Warning: at least one configuration has not serialized any items yet. Unicorn cannot operate properly until this is complete. Please review the configuration below and then perform initial serialization if it is accurate.

Is there some other setting, some other config I need to make to tell Unicorn is should use the serialized yml files from the sourceFolder location or…

Not sure what I am doing wrong here

One Answer

I think that issue is that you pointing to wrong location. Here are steps, how to make sure that Unicorn points to right location on disk:

  1. Open unicorn.aspx
  2. Open any Unicorn configuration, scroll to Target Data Store.
  3. Find physical root path, copy or remember it
  4. Open Kudu SCM,
  5. Open CMD or Powershell in Kudu
  6. Navigate D:homesitewwwrootApp_DataSerializationsrc and navigate to path from step 3.
  7. Check that serialization is present in that folder

Answered by Anton on November 2, 2020

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