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Designing a filtering function

This question is not so much about how to implement a solution as I've already implemented a working solution, but more about how to improve how I implemented it. The...

Asked on 12/01/2020 by codeinaire

0 answer

Why are Service Locator frameworks often called Dependency Injection Containers?

First, here's how I understand these two concepts: Service Locators are not Dependency Injection. Both Service Locators and Dependency Injection are applications of Inversion of Control. This is the understanding...

Asked on 11/27/2020 by Snail Cadet

3 answer

SignalR Handle Multiple Clients in my Scenario

I currently have multiple clients who need to be informed when a customer creates a new order. Each customer is registered to an individual client and customers create orders on...

Asked on 09/25/2020 by pinman

0 answer

Introducing "status" column to an SQL table changes its definition

I saw this pattern in multiple projects I wrote: I create an SQL model for a certain type of entities and at some point, we realize that there's a need...

Asked on 09/11/2020 by d33tah

3 answer

Subscribe to topics or to messages on those topics?

I've encountered a couple of different techniques for dealing with service bus messaging (queues and topics) and I'm just looking for some input on best practices. I've encountered a couple...

Asked on 09/09/2020 by Sinaesthetic

3 answer

client-server API architecture

Premise: Language/Framework: C# / .NET + Core I provide a desktop, multi-platform client-server API for HW control related purposes. The "Server" is communicating with multiple HW components. The "Client" is...

Asked on 09/06/2020 by BoJl4apa

1 answer

Pattern for Organizing Shared code/API for Multiple applications/services

I have a single web server running multiple web applications and websites. For simplicity we'll just say I have App A,B,C and websites D and E. All use a shared...

Asked on 08/03/2020 by Leeish

1 answer

Could multiple dynamic dispatch methods be bound to classes like traditional single dynamic dispatch methods?

C++ only supports single dynamic dispatch methods. Indeed, the following C++ program:#include <iostream>struct Shape { virtual void overlap(Shape* y) { std::cout << "Shape, Shape" << std::endl; }};struct...

Asked on 07/23/2020 by Maggyero

2 answer

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