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Concept to validate objects across languages?

An interesting question I've stumbled upon: Let's assume a java application creates a data model, converts this data to a json object with two fields and uploads it to a...

Asked on 12/22/2021

3 answer

When are enums NOT a code smell?

Dilemma I've been reading a lot of best practice books about object oriented practices, and almost every book I've read had a part where they say that enums are a...

Asked on 12/21/2021 by stromms

7 answer

How to start developing a well architected Javascript Library?

I want to start developing an. open-source javascript library. I can see other open-source libraries are well structured. They have src, dist, test kind of folders, etc. Which is making...

Asked on 12/21/2021 by Saba Naeem

1 answer

Is it an anti-pattern on React to search for children with a specific element type?

ContextWhen designing the API of a React component, you may decide to receive props in a more semantical way. Here's a simple example<Modal headerTitle="foo" />vs<Modal> <Header>Foo</Header></ModalA more complex...

Asked on 12/19/2021 by Christopher Francisco

1 answer

How the basic structure of a simple messaging app works?

How the messaging apps works?What is the Basic algorithm of it?I tried the following method to make a messaging app.I enters messageMessage converts to a text fileText text...

Asked on 12/17/2021 by Rajodiya Jeel

1 answer

Could a getState() method in a Caretaker violates Memento Pattern?

I have looked at several examples for implementations of Momento on the web. I wonder if it is correct to retrieve the status of Originator, since this is much more...

Asked on 12/17/2021

1 answer

What are ways to manage secrets in a big organisation?

Many articles on the internet focus on methods to keep secrets outside public-access (like mobile apps, website frontend etc). But let's take the example of a really big organisation. It...

Asked on 12/15/2021

1 answer

Can I make a separate use case and class diagram for each module?

I'm working on a project with 5 different modules. Should I make separate use case diagrams and class diagrams for each module or should I make all-in-one use case diagram...

Asked on 12/15/2021 by Abdul Hannan

2 answer

Writing a SQL recordset as a HTML Table - a bad practice?

I'm maintaining an intranet using ASP Classic. Some of pages looks like one or more HTML tables used for administration tasks. Those tables are obtained by SQL requests. Server side,...

Asked on 12/12/2021 by Amessihel

1 answer

SimpleFactory vs Factory Method

Let's assume a SimpleFactory that creates a group of objects:public SimpleFactory { public Bycicle createBycicle(String type) { if(type.equals("ONE")) return new OneWheelBycicle(); ...

Asked on 12/10/2021 by Asier Naiz

2 answer

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